Emma: she finds shapes in the clouds (emmyniem) wrote in hs_theatre,
Emma: she finds shapes in the clouds


I’m in charge of my dressing rooms at my high school. Recently I have decided to section the girl's dresses by period. The only problem is most of the people who use the room have no idea what section is dedicated to which decade, since they often can’t tell from looking at the clothes themselves. I would love for me not to have to be there for every single time someone needs a costume.

Basically I am looking for two things.

One, does anyone know where I could find those little hanger things that don’t actually hold cloths but attached to the top of the hook is a small section where you could write something like “20’s, 30’s, 40’s” I think a lot of time they are used in stores (I know American Eagle has them on their sales racks) to section off sizes, usually on a circular rack.

If you don’t know where I could find those, does anyone have any other ideas about how I could label the sections without just taking a label maker and sticking a label on the edge of the wooden shelf above the racks.

If you think you could help if you had a picture I can get you one, photobucket just isn’t letting me use pics in my posts today

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