Christina (ladyreb247) wrote in hs_theatre,


Alrighty, so, our theatre group is in major need of some cash, blah blah blah....same old story, i know.

Everyone is sick and tired of selling old granny jewelry and candles, so we're trying to come up with fun fundraising ideas that will work. One girl brought up the idea of doing a type of fine arts camp/workshop on Saturdays in the afternoon for junior high and freshmen students (in our town the freshmen are at their own school).

But, here's the deal, since we are trying to raise money, we have very limited funds. But we do have a lot of man power to run different classes. I think it is a great idea, if we can get it organized and such. I'm putting myself in charge, so I need help!

Any ideas for classes, suggestions for organzing, maybe even a different fundraising idea....I NEED YOUR HELP!
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