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Help pleaseee!

Hey I'm new here!  I'm a senior and I've done all of the shows, both musical and straight plays, my school has had to offer.
Type your cut contents here.
Shows I've been in:
Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat- Featured Dancer
Quiet in the Land- Town person
Les Miserables- Prostitute
The Mouse That Roared- Fran
Beauty and the Beast- Featured Dancer/ Mother Soloist
As You Like It- Hyman, Goddess of Marriage
Hello Dolly- Dance Captain and Understudy to Ernestina Money

Okay, so I'm auditioning for the play, The Man Who Came To Dinner, which is a wickedly awesome show about a famous radio broadcaster who is invited to a house of the socialites of a small suburb in Ohio.  Whiteside (the broadcaster) is a big town guy, and HATES the family.  He ends up breaking his ankle in the beginning of the show and he has to stay at the family's house until he is recovered.  While there he gets a couple outlandish packages delivered to him, as well as a plethora of visitors, all of which drives the family CRAZY.  Anyways so he finds out that one of the family members was an axe murderer, so he blackmails the family into letting him stay longer.  And a bunch of other things happen as well.

The monologue for the audition is about a wife, speaking to her husband, about his dead ex-wife who is in for a visit as a ghost.  The wife is screaming at the husband, and refers to a photograph of his ex.

my question is- For my audition would it be okay if I brought in a picture frame to use as a prop, because when I've been practicing, it's a lot more convincing when I am actually holding a picture frame in my hands, than when I am pantomiming it.

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