Christina (ladyreb247) wrote in hs_theatre,

x-posted bunches

Alrighty, so I need some advice. After auditions for Paganini, my director came up to me and said "I'm considering you for two different parts. I can't decide. Since you are the senior and this is your last show, I'll let you pick which one you want"

I thought, hey, this is sweet, I get to pick my part! But alas, no, it is not so sweet....

Now I don't know which part I want. I can either choose the female semi-lead. She falls in love with the main guy at the beginning, but then cheats on him with a solider and the main guy kills her. Well, then she comes back to haunt him for the rest of the show (along with girls he kills throughout the rest of the show). I would love this part because it is the female lead and I would get to die onstage, which I have never done before.


I could be a supporting role where I would get to play 4 different parts throughout the show. However, they are fairly small parts (since this is a one act, 40 minutes) so 3 of the characters are in only 1 scene, and the other character is in 3 scenes. This part would be fun to play with because it's 4 totally different characters, but they are smaller roles. I also realize that this is my senior year, my last chance to be in UIL One Act, so I want to go out with a bang.

I'm in a pickle. I know it's all up to me, but I would just like some advice, if you have any!
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