Christina (ladyreb247) wrote in hs_theatre,

x-posted bunches

Alrighty, so found out our UIL One Act this year: Paganini. I'm a little disappointed because it's my last one, and the girl parts aren't as big, but I'm hoping it will all work out. Anyways....

What tips would you give for the show. I know what it's about because I've read my director's cutting of the script (I helped him cut it); however, I have never EVER seen a (I'm butchering the spelling I know) commedia del arte type play. He wants it over the top, vaudevilletype acting, and I've never done or seen a show like that. What tips could you give for that?

Also, I'm shooting for the part of Angelina, and hopefully since I'm a senior I can get it, but does anybody know about her?

Thanks for any help!
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