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Oh what a lovely... newbie entry!

Hey, new person here! *waves* My name's Suzy, i'm 15, i live in Wombourne (randomly huge village in the Black Country) and I LOVE drama, theatre and anything to do with it. Since coming into High School I've been in Joseph (like everyone else on the planet) and I'm currently in "Oh what a lovely war". I suppose that doesn't sound like much but i'm a founding member in Ounsdale's own theatre group "Shakes 'n' Speares" which whom I'm helped devise this TIE thing called "They had it coming". 

With another group i've done two pantomimes *cringe* Robin Hood - an amazing success, had the time of my life! And Aladdin: I half produced/directed with the help of the wonderful Sarah Smith we put it together in 5 weeks! It was an amazing night - we did crap but neither the audience or us cared! They loved it and so did we! Hopefully this year (if it ever goes ahead) it'll go better, me and a load of mates have put a fairy tale themed... thing and I hope it goes well! 

And I must apoligize for my generally amateurness but there's always been sucess and my productions have been the best times of my life. I'm so glad to have found this community and also if any of you happen to be around Ounsdale High School in Wombourne nr Wolverhampton from the 29th Nov. to 1st Dec. then come and see "oh what a lovely war" - I'll give you further details when I get them.

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