Tim Bornt (tiimmmy) wrote in hs_theatre,
Tim Bornt

techie reminisce

so, i had to go to some random thing at my hs the other day (im a senior who has 2 classes totalling about an hour and 20 minutes) it was held in the theatre. i hadnt been in there since september, and even then i was only in there for about 5 minutes to take some pics of some posters we painted. i interned last semester with a professional theatre. so i didnt work on the fall show. and our old director and td dont work on the shows any more, i feel so disconnected with the club. the new director called everything the old director did crap (even tho we won several awards and were selected to perform in scotland) i didnt want to work with him, i had worked with him in middle school. he was okay then, but he came to the hs and tried to change everything.
i got so over whelmed when i walked into the theatre. i had called that place home for 3 years of my life. i loved that place. it was so weird not being able to go up on the stage and fly things in, i miss that place. i missed the way it smelled (not a bad smell, but not that great of a smell) i worked on some amazing shows on that stage, grew up on that stage. i learned so many things there, not just about theatre, but life (and camus and sartre). i was suppose to be stage manager if i didnt intern. i hate whats happened to the club, the people that were there before the new guy hate it. ive been asked to come back by a lot of the old tech crew, but i dont to ruin my memories of that amazing place to be ruined.

/end rant
i dont know why im posting this here, but idk if any other people here have felt this.
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