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Prop Organization?

I know this is totally last minute, considering I need it by about noon tomorrow or preferably by seven am, but my teacher didn’t tell me to do this till (when I say this I mean just about the prop catergories), now.
So… I’m in charge of organizing our dressing rooms, which means props.
Does anyone have a good system for sorting stage props? Like what categories to put them in?
And if you have any tips for costumes, shoes, accessories, ect, I would be happy to hear them.

Edit: This isn't for a specific show, it's for storage of the things when we don't have a show in the works. Sorry for that mix up.

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I would say, just organize them by the different quantities of props you have.
Example, if you have lots of US flags used in a previous show, then put all those flags together.
Also, you could put them in a box that clarifies what kind of prop category, (like kitchen, bathroom, weapons, pets, schools) and for an object like a flag, you could probably put in a box of miscelaneous objects, or (if you have a ton of flags) you could put them in their own box, marked as flags.
Another example would be like, putting all the fake food together into a box and mark it as food.

Bascially, look at what you have, and think of what they're used for, and what can go together. You'll find that it won't be so hard.
But everything that is similar together (like vctorianromantc said...flags w/ flags, weapons with weapons, etc) And then just throw em somewhere. theres no real system for storing them that Ive ever seen, especially in professional theatre...we just have everything thats similar together and then everything is on selfs.
What happened to you? You like...died in TKAM